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The Choi Foundation is a self-defence Martial Arts School teaching Choi kwang Do based in Dorothy Stringer Sports Complex, Brighton. Our classes are friendly, fun, supportive and non-competitive. With instructors of all ages to help every student reach their maximum potential. Choi Kwang Do is easy-to-learn, sequential movements to maximize your body's force-producing capabilities, but more importantly, they increase opportunities to enhance your health. With a progressive system from White belt to highest level of Black belt, Choi Kwang Do always offers you something new and challenging to learn, experience and enjoy.

Teenagers enjoy self-defence at our Brighton Marital Art Classes

Teenagers, children and family evening classes Brighton self-defence is ideal for all ages and abilities. Our classes are designed for teenagers, children, adults and families. Many of our students take part in… Read more »

Secrets to losing weight and keeping it off with Martial Arts

Martial Arts is a great way to commit to excercise Get your head in the game Losing weight is 50 percent attitude. If you aren’t mentally, emotionally, and psychologically committed… Read more »

Kids FREE trial class offer to Choi Kwang Do, Martial Arts in Brighton

We teach our junior students valuable life skills in The Choi Foundation classes Such as self defence, respect and consideration, leadership, concentration and also help to build confidence. Choi is… Read more »

Fitness classes for all at Brighton Marital Arts and Self-defence classes, The Choi Foundation, Robert Tanswell

Brighton Martial Arts – Kids & Adults Self-defence FREE Trial Class

Evening self-defence classes for all Learning self-defence to look after yourself is one of the most important things you should do for you and your family. In our Brighton Choi Kwang… Read more »

Families self-defence programmes

Martial arts classes for Adults, Kids and families of all ages Good class tonight at Brighton Choi Foundation with great energy from all the students as all are learning new… Read more »

Keep fit for all ages with Martial Arts and Self Defence Classes in Brighton at The Choi Foundation

Self-defence programmes

Self-defence Martial Arts Classes Brighton FREE trail class at The Choi Foundation. Classes for Adults, Kids and families of all ages and abilities. We are based a Dorothy Stringers School in… Read more »

Keep fit with Martial Arts and Self Defence Classes in Brighton at The Choi Foundation

Based in the Dance studio at Dorothy Stringers School. Brighton self defence classes.

FREE Trial class There are many reasons to exercise regularly. Above all, it keeps you healthy. Call or text for a FREE Trial class at The Choi Foundation – Choi… Read more »