Keep your brain fit as well as your body at Martial Art fitness classes

Speed and concentration are learned in Martial Art classes

Brighton martial art fitness classes can be a great way to keep your brain fit in addition to your body. Martial arts self-defense training involves learning complex movements, techniques, and strategies, which require focus, concentration, and mental agility. Engaging in Brighton martial art self-defense training can help improve cognitive function and mental clarity for optimum health.

In our Martial Arts classes, we use our brains constantly, practicing techniques again and again. Martial Arts is body training and a combination of moves (punches and kicks) we call a pattern, used to defend yourself. Speed and concentration are learned by starting at the white belt and moving through to the more complex belts. You could become a black belt within 4-5 years.

The Choi Foundation Martial Arts classes are at Dorothy Stringer on Monday and Thursday evenings.

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