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Build Confidence and Protect Your Loved Ones with Family-Friendly Self-Defense

Absolutely! Brighton Family-friendly self-defence can be a fantastic way to build confidence and protect your loved ones. Here are some key points to consider when pursuing family-friendly self-defence: Remember, the… Read more »

Learn how Surprisingly the Power of Exercise in Reducing Stress Levels

Exercise has a profound impact on reducing stress levels, and its benefits extend well beyond physical health. Research consistently demonstrates that regular physical activity can significantly alleviate stress and promote… Read more »

Unlock Your Inner Strength with Self-Defence Training in Brighton

Brighton Martial Arts, also known as Family Self Defence, offers martial arts training with a focus on self-defence and personal development. We operate in association with CKD, which stands for… Read more »

If you a running out of interesting ways to stay fit and healthy that also stimulate your mind, then getting involved in martial arts may be for you.

Brighton Martial arts can be an excellent way to stay physically fit and mentally stimulated. There are various forms of martial arts, each with its unique techniques, philosophies, and training… Read more »

Fitness for all levels of health Martial Arts is at your speed

Yes, martial arts can be tailored to suit individuals of all fitness levels and health conditions. Brighton martial arts offer modifications, variations, and progressions that can be adjusted to accommodate… Read more »

Cobra Kai Training

Monday Evening at 7pm cobrakai #ninja #training #badass #fiveways #whatson #fitness #gym #martialarts #brighton

Fitness evening classes for all ages. Brighton Martial Arts and Self-defence classes, The Choi Foundation, Robert Tanswell

Aerobic & Anaerobic fitness training develops stamina and endurance in Martial Arts

We have many exciting and enjoyable drills to develop individuals aerobically and anaerobically Both are important:                                         … Read more »