Strengthen your arms at Brighton Martial Arts evening classes

Fitness classes for all at Brighton Marital Arts and Self-defence classes, The Choi Foundation, Robert Tanswell

Punching the shield fitness strengthens your arms, shoulders and back

Throwing punches and blocks are probably the most exhausting fitness you can do with your arms. Even punching the air at speed will tone and strengthen of your arms, shoulders and back. The primary muscles used when punching involve those of your arm and shoulder, you might be surprised to learn that muscles of your core and lower body also contribute to the amount of power you can pack into a punch!

Push-ups are also a great way to strengthen your upper body, these are also part of Choi Foundation class routine.

The Choi Foundation Martial Arts classes are at Dorothy Stringer, Preston, Brighton on Monday and Thursday evenings. See our Classes page for times, prices and a map. Contact Robert here to book your FREE trial class today!