Pil Seung ! Students

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Grading 6.15pm Thursday 24th October, full Uniform and protective gear is required to Grade.

Grading for IL Dan & EE Dan is 6.15pm Thursday 14th November. Please arrive at 6pm.

About Robert Tanswell

The Choi Foundation is a self-defence Martial Arts School teaching Choi kwang Do based in Dorothy Stringer Sports Complex, Brighton. Our classes are friendly, fun, supportive and non-competitive. With instructors of all ages to help every student reach their maximum potential. Choi Kwang Do is easy-to-learn, sequential movements to maximize your body's force-producing capabilities, but more importantly, they increase opportunities to enhance your health. With a progressive system from White belt to highest level of Black belt, Choi Kwang Do always offers you something new and challenging to learn, experience and enjoy.